Rolling through the English countryside on a roller coaster and getting splattered with deer blood is probably not how you thought you’d spend your day.

However, if you were riding The Ultimate at Light Valley amusement park in the UK that’s exactly what you experienced.

This past Saturday, riders aboard Europe’s longest steel roller coaster had an unexpected rough ride when their train struck a deer at approximately 50 mph.

No one was injured, except the decapitated deer. Though a few riders were speckled in fresh deer blood.

From the Huffington Post:

A couple of visitors on the train did have spots of blood on their clothing, but no visitors commented about the incident on the day other than to show concern for the deer," a park spokesperson told the Ripon Gazette, adding, "No passengers were injured in the incident.”

The Brits are rarely accused of being an exciting group. That sure doesn’t look like a very fun amusement park. And, duh, wide-open grassy spaces generally means wildlife are in the area.

Watch this POV video of the coaster and you’ll see what we mean.

**NOTE** There is no footage of the collision.