As a bowhunter who shoots a lot of arrows throughout the year, I’m always on the prowl for a cool target. I’ve always been drawn to the durability and self-healing foam of Rinehart’s line, and its 3D targets make for fun realistic target sessions. Both 3D and large foam targets are great leading up to a hunt, but I also feel the need to shoot my bow often while on an actual hunt.  Whether I’m camped in the mountains hunting screaming bulls or just driving down the road to my whitetail haunt, nothing builds confidence like placing a few arrows in the 10-ring before hitting the woods.

The 2015 Rinehart Discharge is a take-anywhere target. It’s a target that was designed to be shot at camp. It’s small. It’s compact. It’s light. It’s the perfect solution for the serious bowhunter who likes to stay sharp whether on the bowhunt of a lifetime or just one close to home.

A field-point-only target, the Discharge will fit comfortably inside of a truck or a large backpack. A true go-anywhere system to keep you dialed in, the Discharge from Rinehart is worth a look.

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