Following the success of their 3-D Booner Buck Archery Target, Rinehart Targets is pleased to introduce the Rinehart Booner Buck – Mule Deer Addition for 2015. The sheer body and antler size of this beautifully constructed target will surely help to tame that pesky buck fever this coming fall when you place your pin on a true trophy in the field.

“The original Booner Buck certainly turned some heads in the whitetail world throughout 2014,” stated Rinehart Targets President, James McGovern. “We can’t wait to see what type of reaction we receive from the growing group of Mule Deer enthusiasts with the introduction of the Booner Buck Mule Deer Addition.”

A premium, long-lasting deer target for serious archery hunters, the Rinehart Booner Buck Mule Deer is a bowhunter’s dream come true. It has been built to the size of a ten point, 200 lb. live buck at over 58” tall, 45” long, and 12” wide. The body is made of Rinehart’s legendary, long-lasting Woodland Foam with a signature series insert that boasts a self-healing foam compatible with broadheads and field points sent from any compound, recurve or crossbow. After the ten ring has been filled with a tight grouping, easy arrow removal makes tugging and pulling with all your strength a thing of the past.

This target possesses all the features a mule deer fanatic could ask for in an archery target when preparing for an encounter with a true Boone and Crockett animal. With the addition of the Booner Buck Mule Deer, Rinehart Targets has once again raised the bar in 3-D Archery Targets.  

  • Simulates a live 200 lb. buck
  • 58” tall, 45” long, 12” wide
  • Self-healing Woodland Foam Insert
  • Compatible with Broadheads and Field Points
  • Compatible with Recurve, Compound and Crossbows
  • MSRP:  $349.99