When you think of companies in the outdoor industry on the leading edge of performance and technology, the name Under Armour comes to mind. Renowned for bringing performance to the outdoor market, Under Armour continues to impress. Breaking boundaries and going above and beyond consumer expectations, this world-class manufacturer greets the new year with still more cutting-edge technology.

A highly sought-after athletic brand with a logo that demands attention, Under Armour’s transition into the outdoor market was fueled by a passionate group of hunters and fishermen. “There was a group of us who hunted and fished a lot,” said Under Armour’s outdoor marketing manager Koby Fulks. “Myself, along with Under Armour partners Ryan Wood and Kip Fulks always used high-quality athletic apparel when we ventured into the outdoors. It was just a natural progression for us to take the product into the outdoor market. The market was ready for a dose of performance, and we wanted to provide that dose.”

And take it to the market they have. Now a giant in the outdoor apparel and footwear industry, Under Armour sports an incredible product lineup. Always in the spotlight are the manufacturer’s high-performance base layers. From the scorching early-season to those bitter winter months, hunters continue to put their trust in items like the Under Armour Men’s Base 2 Quarter Zip featuring Armourblock technology and moisture-wicking ColdGear Evo Legging. Then there is, of course, the desired fully taped waterproof and super-quiet Ridge Reaper Jacket and Pants. Also making plenty of noise is UA’s comfortable and durable footwear line. Models like the 7-inch high Speed Freek and 10-inch high Siberia Hunting Boots boast ETC Anti-Friction Lining, which prevents nasty blisters while wicking away moisture.

“The [2012] launch of our Under Armour Scent Control Product Line was very well received,” noted Fulks. “We all know that scent control is a very big issue in the whitetail hunting community. We worked with a company to come up with a new alternative to carbon-based products. Not only did we want something different, but we wanted something that would prove itself in the hunting woods. Under Armour combined synthetic-produced Zeolites with anti-microbial and added to it our product line. The great thing is that it does not inhibit the performance of the fabric—it only enhances it. And because we can put it into any layer, we can offer it from base layers to performance outerwear.”

Maintaining 99-percent effectiveness after 50 washes, hunters can expect long-lasting scent control from all products in the UA Scent Control Line—and of course the genius doesn’t end there. The UA Base 5.0 Scent Control Longsleeve and Leggings were designed for those who endure brutal winter conditions. Engineered to trap heat, the base layers negative grid structure makes those long treestand sits in foul weather tolerable. Complementing the 5.0 combo is the UA Rut Scent Control Jacket and Pants. Featuring 355-gram fleece, these garments keep the hunter warm while maximizing maneuverability. Raglan sleeve construction ensures a full range of motion, and the whisper-quiet fabric keeps you “Never Detected. Always Lethal.”

“We jumped into scent control because there was not a performance alternative to carbon-based performance,” Fulks explained. “We listen to our customers. We wanted to incorporate our legendary Under Armour performance with scent protection. I’m excited about where we are and where we are going.

“For 2013, we have cooked up some really cool stuff. Our redesigned Ridge Reaper Jacket, along with other items in our athletic line, will be lined with Cold Gear Infrared. A ceramic print designed to hold on to heat longer, Cold Gear Infrared will keep hunters warmer than ever before.

For Under Armour, it seems, the sky is the limit. To find out more about exciting 2013 product launches be sure to visit them at the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville.

For more information on Under Armour Scent Control Products, visit www.UA.com or www.alwayslethal.com; (888) 727-6687.