PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) — Princeton officials are considering whether to use licensed hunters and trappers to reduce the growing population of coyotes and foxes in the Ivy league town.

The number of complaints has been on the rise.

“People have been chased by them, a dog was killed and a couple cats were killed by coyotes,“ animal control officer Mark Johnson told The Times of Trenton.

Johnson did not know exactly how many coyotes are in the area, but said he knows of two big packs roaming around, including one with at least 20 animals.

Foxes have always been a problem, harassing and following people and killing cats, Johnson said.

The plan likely calls for sharpshooters to be sent to certain wooded areas and fields to shoot and kill the coyotes. Princeton uses a similar method to control the deer population.

“We would not like to kill everything, but we definitely want to lessen the population,“ Johnson said.

The Animal Control Advisory Committee plans to meet Thursday in hopes of making a recommendation to the town council, which is slated to meet on Oct. 14.


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