Have customers worried about the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease on their favorite tracts? The Healthy Herd Premium Deer Mineral and Attractant contains a proprietary additive, Deer Armour, which has an ingredient proven in laboratory experiments to degrade and destroy the disease-associated prion protein, linked as the cause of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

Produced by The Healthy Herd LLC, this unique product may prevent the transmission of and/or destroy CWD, while acting as a powerful attractant and mineral supplement for deer.

“I can guarantee that The Healthy Herd line of products will attract and grow deer as well as or better than any of our competitors,” said Dr. Roger Spear, owner. “I developed these products to help hunters safely grow the absolute biggest and healthiest deer possible while also paying close attention to reducing the risk of spreading CWD.”

The Healthy Herd, founded in 2011, is dedicated to bringing safe and effective products to the market. Current products include: The Healthy Herd Premium Deer Mineral and Attractant, The Feeding Frenzy, and The Total Package Food Plot System.

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