Michigan Bobcat Huntingbobcat hunting michigan

I’ve always wanted to harvest a bobcat but I’ve never put my mind to it…that all changed in Sept of last year! My friend Jeff was bear hunting with a bow and I went along to see if we could get the kill on video. One evening I filmed a really nice bobcat and said “man that would be cool to shoot him”…Jeff’s response is what sent me into action a few months later.

After talking with a few friends that had hunted the same ground during the November deer season we discovered they had seen the same bobcat. Jeff and I decided to hunt him in the stand that he shot his bear (351 pounds) out of. We started putting the bait (roadkill deer) out and checked it a couple of times in the next few weeks but nothing had hit and I almost pulled the camera but decided to give it one more week. During that week we received a huge snow storm and had to use a snowmobile to get back to the baits. Man, the extra effort was well worth it! Bobcat tracks everywhere and the camera had a ton of pictures on it.

Not wanting to disturb the area to much I re-baited and left. I drove a little faster home to see the pictures. WOW was I surprised! The huge cat is hitting the bait really hard and it’s in the middle of the day!!!

Went back in 5 days later and the SD card was full…. 3174 pictures in 3 days. I have everything from eagles (5 different ones), coyote, skunk, and the 3 bobcats!

It’s time to hunt—I’m going to try it with the bow!!!!!!

Take a look for yourself. Please note: I screwed up the time so 00:00 is noon not midnight!

I’ll keep everyone updated! Anyone else had luck with using baits to kill bobcats? Comment below.

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