Rain, rain, go away! Just returned from pulling my pronghorn cameras and up until August 11, things looked great. I had multiple bucks hitting my tanks and ponds like clockwork, but an untimely rain thwarted refreshment activity. On the days of August 12 and 13, I had a total of zero, yes zero, bucks hitting my tanks.

Am I worried? A little, but rain this spring and summer season has been par for the course. I have plenty of “penciled in” hunt days planned for pronghorn in the coming weeks, and I know that if I stay dedicated and put my time in, I will get my opportunity. As I pen this blog, I’m kicking around the idea of abandoning my waterhole plan and going to spot-and-stalk tactics. The monsoon-like weather we’ve been experiencing has lifted the prairie grasses above my calf. My only concern with spotting-and-stalking is the video aspect. I really want to capture this hunt on film and I simply don’t have a full-time camera man I can turn to.

Temperatures for tomorrow are supposed to hit 97-degrees Fahrenheit – perfect conditions to dry out the landscape and force some goats to water. What to do…what to do? For now I’m going to go shoot my bow, get all of my food and drinks ready, watch the Olympics for a bit and spend some time praying about my decision. I will letch all know what I decided in the morning. Have a great Sunday!