Knives are some of mankind's most basic tools, yet every year manufacturers come up with new models, all intended to fill voids somewhere for someone in the world. So it is this year at the SHOT Show.

When I stopped by the Buck Knives booth, I said hi to C.J. Buck, who now runs everything for the iconic knife company. His dad, Chuck, was there, so we reminisced about old times when we used to hunt deer together.

The big news for Buck this year, of course is the 50th Anniversary issue of the Model 110 folder — the knife that literally catapulted Buck into the big time.

Kershaw is all excited about their new CQC-4K and CQC-6K. These folders, designed by Emerson, feature thumb disk opener, which means quick and slick transformation from folded to ready to use.

At Browning, the Black Label tactical family of cutlery continues to evolve and expand this year. Among the more interesting new models is the Committed, a fixed blade knife that frankly is as valid around a hunting camp as it is a tactical setting.

The big news for Ontario Knife Company are assisted openers like the RATIA SP and RATIA BP. These models are 8.5 inches long with blade length of 3.5 inches. Handle material is G-10.

And, just for fun, at the Swiss Army Knife booth, the folks have all of the parts to assemble their multi-blade pocketknives right at the show.

An Even Larger Selection

AccuSharp may be known as a company that markets knife-sharpening tools, but the company also has a really handy AccuSharp Folding Sport Knife.

This tool is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It features a wheel lock and can be opened with one hand. Other features include belt clip and glass breaker.

Years and years ago, a must-stop at the SHOT Show for me was the Al Mar knife booth – to visit with Al, of course. Truly he was a nice guy who knew his stuff. But that was then and now is now.

This year, Al Mar Knives is introducing two really cute, really handy folders. There is the Brown Micarta Osprey and the Brown Micarta Hawk.

The Osprey features a 1.65-inch AUS-8 blade, and the Hawk has a 2.75-inch AUS-8 blade. Of course, the booth also boasts scores of Al Mar designs, all both appealing and effective.

Gerber always has a wide variety of knife models to show, but what catches the eye this year is the way they have combined knives and other outdoor tools into ensembles that can make any camp more complete. Check out the Bear line of scissors, knife and saw models.