An unprovoked bear attack left a Japanese man on the ground and fearing for his life. Fortunately for him — and unfortunately for the bear — Atsushi Aoki has a black belt in karate.

That’s right — the 63-year-old fought off his attacker using karate.

“I thought it’s either ‘I kill him or he kills me,’” Aoki told public broadcaster NHK, according to Japan Today.

Aoki was fishing in a mountain creek, Japan Today reports, when the 6-foot bear bit and scratched him reportedly, including on the head. Aoki told the media out bear knocked him down and bit his leg.

Instead of trying to run, Aoki got up and took a fighting stance. Japan Today reports Aoki hit the black bear with several jabs to its eyes, which sent the bear scrambling back into the woods.

If fighting off a bear with his bare hands wasn’t enough, Japan Today reports Aoki then gathered his fishing pole and catches and drove himself to the hospital.

The report says Aoki was released from the hospital with injuries to his head, arm and leg.