Scouting during the season can be one of the most beneficial or detrimental factors to a hunter's success. The information gathered on the spot can be used to quickly move in and kill an unsuspecting buck. Follow these six tips for more success while scouting during the season.

1) If you have a buck's core area pegged, stay clear until the wind and timing are perfect. But if you must scout, keep your intrusions minimal, and only enter once with all your gear so you can set up and hunt immediately.

2) When sneaking and peeking, keep the wind in your favor and out of his bedroom.

3) Dress in full scent-control gear — especially gloves — to avoid spreading scent around brush. Mature bucks decipher intrusions the same whether you are hunting or scouting.

4) Whenever possible, use the weather in your favor. Rain will quickly wash away scent and high winds cover noise.

5) Rely heavily on long-range glassing and trail cameras. Taking a day off hunting to watch from afar can be the best plan. Place your trail cameras in easy-to-access locations to allow for low-impact access.

6) If you bump a buck while scouting, grunt or snort-wheeze at him and return the next morning. Take advantage of the newfound information before he realizes the intrusion was a hunter.