Most big game hunters in Colorado dream of drawing the coveted trophy elk tag, but that can take years, decades even, to happen. So, one impatient Denver resident decided to sidestep that process by hunting without the proper tag and bagging a big trophy elk.

The confiscated trophy elk antlers, courtesy of CPW.

It was an expensive mistake he would soon come to regret.

According to the Craig Daily Press, a “concerned hunter” provided information on the poaching of this elk to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) Turn in Poachers (TIP) program, which led to the successful conviction of Agapito Alarid, who confessed to shooting the six-point bull last year and pleaded guilty in court, according to Fox 31 in Denver.

Alarid was fined $1,000 for his illegal hunt and charged an additional $10,000 because the elk had six points and one antler beam. The poacher is also at risk of losing his Colorado hunting and fishing licenses for up to five years. CPW will make that decision after reviewing the case.

The tipster has been rewarded by TIP for his help and testimony with the opportunity to draw a license in the same game management unit where Alarid killed the elk. According to the Craig Daily Press, TIP provides rewards for reporting a crime when the person also agrees to testify in court.

The meat and antlers of the poached elk have been recovered. The meat was donated to Denver residents in need, and the antlers will be used for educational purposes.