For many bowhunters, the month of October is like Christmas. Why? A large number of bow manufacturing kingpins raise the veil on their new rigs. Anticipation-filled archers scour social media and popular websites for information, while manufacturers try to keep calm and forge through the pressure-filled, intense madness that comes with launch day.

One particular manufacturer – a manufacturer who has been in the game for 85 years and has a monstrous following – had what many industry insiders are calling its best launch ever.

“The new models look to be simply amazing,” said one Colorado pro shop owner of Hoyt’s 2016 lineup.

Aside from releasing a litany of new bow options featuring some all-new features like the DFX Cam & ½ and UltraFlex limbs – said by Hoyt to create a longer axle-to-axle feel at full draw and deliver optimal string position – Hoyt also laid claim to becoming the first bow manufacturer to offer many new-for-2016 models in Under Armour’s popular Ridge Reaper camo pattern.

As for the new models, you’ll be hearing the name “Defiant” mentioned in both aluminum-riser and carbon-riser circles in the days and months to come. And, of course, Hoyt launched a new tournament winner – the 36-inch axle-to-axle, 325 fps, 7-inch brace height HyperEdge. Carbon Spyder fans were also delighted to see the newest addition to this venomous line – the Carbon Spyder FX. An ultra-compact, 28-inch axle-to-axle rig, the FX was designed to hit speeds up to 330 fps. Also new was the meat-and-potatoes PowerMax and the Shred Color Series that now cloaks the manufacturer’s Ignite and Ruckus models.

“I’m particularly excited about the main flagship line, which seems to be the Defiant Series,” said a Hoosier State shop owner. “Like other Hoyt models, both the Carbon Defiant and traditional aluminum-riser Defiant should move really well. Having three Defiant bows – well, actually six because of the carbon and aluminum models – is a great idea. The short axle-to-axle guys will lean toward the 30 ½-inch Defiant and 31-inch Carbon Defiant. The speed nuts will love the 350 fps Defiant and Carbon Defiant Turbo models, and the longer axle-to-axle crowd will migrate toward the 3.8-pound Carbon Defiant and 4.3-pound Defiant.”

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