bob robbBob Robb, Editor:


The number one most important thing is something to break the wind. I always wear an outer layer with Windstopper or a similar membrane that blocks all wind, then layer up underneath it.

thermacare heat wrap huntingBen Payton, Web Editor:

ThermaCare HeatWraps

I buy those ThermaCare adhesive heated body wraps that are sold at drugstores. They’re made to relieve muscle pain in the lower back and neck/shoulders, but if you apply a couple to your kidney area and the spot between your shoulder blades, you’ll stay warm for hours.

fleece hunting muffHilary Dyer, Managing Editor:

Fleece Muff and Chemical Heat Packs

I’ve yet to find a pair of comfortable, waterproof gloves that aren’t too bulky to shoot in (and fit my small hands), so I sling a fleece hand muff around my waist, stuff it with a few chemical heat packs and keep my hands in it when I’m sitting still.

heater body suitMike Strandlund, Editorial Director:

Heater Body Suit

Greatest cold-weather gear ever invented. If it’s below freezing, I won’t stand hunt without one.