A group of deer in southern Oregon might be grabbing for the Doritos after chowing down on a field of industrial hemp, the Associated Press reports.

The hemp field near Murphy, Oregon, had about 1,000 plants until the deer knocked it down to about 40, said Cliff Thomason, one of the partners who runs the hemp operation dubbed “Orhempco.” The field, planted by a group of entrepreneurs — including the County Commissioner and her husband — is planted with a crop similar to marijuana, but with much lower THC.

“Generally, I don’t think they like cannabis,” Thomason said of the doped up deer. “They liked ours, though.”

Some say the hemp is high in protein and that’s what attracted the deer. Orhempco officials told the AP some of its fields are protected by a high fence, but the one where the deer went on a binge was left open.

“We wanted to hurry and get in the ground and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money,” said Kit Doyle, another Orhempco partner. “Next year, if we decide to grow in the same place, we will have the necessary infrastructure.”