On May 11 the North Adams (Massachusetts) Police Department posted an unusual Facebook request urging residents not to chase bears with a dull hatchet while drunk. The post was prompted after officers arrested an intoxicated resident wielding a dull hatchet in an attempt to chase bears from his property.

Here’s the hilarious post from the North Adams Police Facebook page.

**Chasing bears through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet is strongly not advised**

“The North Adams Police Department is urging everyone to NOT chase bears through the woods with a dull hatchet, drunk. Yes that really did happen tonight. We understand there are bears in the area. If you see a bear, LEAVE IT ALONE and call us. We certainly don’t need anyone going all Davy Crockett chasing it through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet. It is just a bad idea and not going to end well. It will however, certainly end you up in jail…which it did. The hatchet man was taken into protective custody due to his incapacitation from the consumption of alcoholic beverage. We are still trying to figure out what his end game was. Any thoughts on what he was going to do if he did locate it? We would certainly like to hear because we have no idea.”

The post has received nealry 5,000 likes and more than 8,000 shares on Facebook.

Hopefully the bears got the message. Spring bears are on the move after a long hibernation during this year's cold winter.

How would you protect your property from marauding bears?