elite archery answer

The Answer by Elite Archery

New for 2012 from Elite is The Answer ($870), a 33.5-inch axle-to-axle bow featuring a 7-inch brace height and your choice of module options for its two-track cam system: a “Smooth Mod” that delivers an IBO speed of 330 fps, and a “Speed Mod” that delivers 340 fps.

Like all the 2012 Elite bows, The Answer features a new adjustable cable rod and Elite’s patent-pending Rod Lock System.

The Answer is available in draw lengths from 27 to 30 inches, and draw weights of 50 to 80 pounds, in all of Elite’s current colors: Realtree AP, Max-1, and AP Snow, as well as Ninja Black, the AT Editions, and target colors of Elite Blue, Cosmic Orange, and Slime Green.

Contact: Elite Archery, (877) 503-5483; www.elitearchery.com

Ghillie Tape

Ghille Tape ($10/roll) from Dynamic Solutions is designed to offer instant, effective camouflage for all your customers’ gear, whether they’re chasing big game, turkeys, or predators.

This easy-to-use adhesive tape allows you to quickly and easily conceal treestands, bows, guns and more—with the added option of inserting custom 3-D camouflage materials from local surroundings into its versatile mesh construction for even more effectiveness.

Made in the USA and conformable to a wide range of items and surfaces, Ghillie Tape is removable, reusable, and is available in two colors: Woodland, and Desert Plains.

Contact: www.dynamicsolutions-mi.com; www.ghillietape.com

Rocky RidgeStalker

If you find most cold-weather boots too bulky and heavy, Rocky has the answer: The new RidgeStalker ($130-$160), available in several models, with your choice of 600-gram or 2,000-gram Thinsulate insulation to meet most any cold-weather need.

This 10-inch boot features Rocky Waterproof construction and a bobbed, self-cleaning RidgeStalker outsole infused with cork to reduce weight. The removable Terra Suspension cushion footbed and Goodyear welt offers impressive comfort and stability.

Choose from Brown, Dark Brown, and Realtree AP or Mossy Oak Break-Up camo.

Contact: Rocky, (740) 753-9100; www.rockyboots.com

Rocket Meat Seeker 3-Blade 2-inch

This deadly 3-blade, 100-grain head is streamlined in flight to deliver field-tip accuracy, then on impact uses Piston Hammer action to deploy its huge 2-inch-cut blades—without need for levers or cams that can fail or rob energy.

The unique rotating chisel tip finds the path of least resistance around bone for maximum penetration; the tip, shaft, insert and blades are forged from heat-treated, solid stainless steel for ultimate strength.

Contact: Trophy Ridge, (812) 467-1200; www.trophyridge.com

Nose Jammer Spray

Big, mature bucks are among the toughest animals to fool; you seldom get a second chance. That’s precisely the premise behind Nose Jammer Spray ($15/6 ounces), developed by Minnesota outfitter John Redmond.

Made with natural tree extracts, Nose Jammer is designed to overwhelm a big game animal’s olfactory system, overpowering its ability to detect and track human scent.

Contact: Fairchase Products, (507) 896-3138; www.NoseJammer.com

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Camo

From The Original Muck Boot Company comes the new Arctic Pro Camo ($200), an 8mm fleece-lined, 100-percent waterproof neoprene boot designed for extreme cold weather conditions.

The Arctic Pro Camo, covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo, uses a durable, lightweight rubber outsole that’s laminated to an 8mm neoprene upper; a micro fleece liner absorbs moisture to keep you warm and dry. A 2mm thermal foam instep underlay offers additional warmth while the breathable Airmesh lining also helps wick moisture.

Contact: The Original Muck Boot Company, www.muckbootcompany.com

MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call

Mark Drury discovered the “buck growl” deer vocalization in 2006 and MAD used it to create one of the hottest deer calls ever. For 2011, MAD’s patent-pending Hyper Growl ($28) has taken the next step by emulating the way deer produce sound.

The addition of a “Hyper Ventilator Tube”—simulating a deer’s nasal passage—creates what MAD is calling the most-realistic deer sounds ever recorded, and a reed system that cannot be “locked up.” The Hyper Growl includes a lanyard and instructional DVD.

Contact: Flambeau Outdoors products, (800) 457-5252; www.flambeauoutdoors.com

Moultrie Game Spy M-80, M-100

Moultrie Products has entered the “mini game camera” market in a big way with the Game Spy M-80 ($150) and Game Spy M-100 ($200, shown) infrared cameras. Each camera, at 5.0 and 6.0 megapixels, respectively, is loaded with features like Moultrie’s new Illumi-Night Sensor, which provides some of the brightest and clearest nighttime infrared pictures. Widescreen images and videos (with sound) in 16:9 format provide a wider field of view than standard game cameras.

Contact: Moultrie Products (800) 653-3334; www.moultriefeeders.com

Code Blue Adds Silver-Zyme Technology

Good news for scent-conscious bowhunters everywhere: Code Blue has added Silver-Zyme Technology to its already powerful EliminX scent-eliminating formula. Silver-Zyme combines nano-silver and enzyme technology, two of the most effective scent-killing technologies, doubling the scent-killing power of EliminX.

Silver-Zyme utilizes silver molecules that rapidly kill multiple odor causing bacteria, viruses, and mold while simultaneously recharging itself. Silver-Zyme can be found in most of the EliminX line, including the popular EliminX 360° that can be sprayed from any angle.

Contact: Code Blue, www.codebluescents.com

ewt xlr 100 bow light

Elusive Wildlife Technologies XLR 100 Bow Light

Where legal, night hunting with bow and arrow is one of the most-exciting aspects of our sport. The XLR 100 bow lights from Elusive Wildlife Technologies (800-780-6861) are guaranteed to illuminate the entire target at 100 yards for positive identification. The bow light screws into the stabilizer receiver on the bow, and has a wired remote switch that attaches to the grip. The XLR series lights come in red, green, blue, and white, and they are available in one or two mode. The XLR series lights come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee; if the lights do not meet customer satisfaction, the purchase price and shipping costs are refunded.

EWT uses LED technology to produce specific colored lights that most animals find difficult to see—giving hunters the ability to illuminate the animal without spooking it. EWT uses high quality lithium rechargeable batteries and LEDs that give the hunter an average of four hours of continuous light per battery; the XLR 100 bow lights can also be powered by CR123s or AAA batteries. The bow light packages include two lithium rechargeable batteries, a smart charger with a wall adapter and car adapter, a flashlight tail cap allowing the light to be used as a flashlight, and two remote switches. Weight is 6.5 ounces, allowing it to function as standard stabilizer.

Contact: (800) 780-6861; www.elusivewildlife.com