1. Avoid any perspiration getting to a stand. Carry clothes, boots, and gear in a duffle bag.

2. Use antiperspirant/odor eliminators on your feet and body.

3. Dress in layers, beginning with a wicking foundation with a slick surface for freedom of movement.

4. The middle layer should insulate, break the wind, and contain scent. The best fibers trap dead air.

5. Pack boots must be completely dry to work well. Remove liners and dry thoroughly after each use.

6. The outer layer should be soft and ultra-quiet. Waterproofing may not be necessary in cold weather.

7. A warm hat is a must. Air-activated warming packets work.

8. Seek stands in warmer depressions and hollows out of the wind. Deer prefer these places, too.

9. Establish a late-season sanctuary. Hang a stand, but don't hunt until late season.

10. Finally, shorten your draw length, use an arm guard, and practice in full hunting gear. Lubricate your rest and moving parts for silent operation.