Scent & Odor Control

No game animal helps sell more scent-related products than the mighty whitetail. Platinum Standing Estrous is the new scent technology from Code Blue (844-282-0455;, the result of years of university research and development. Testing this next-generation of deer attractants in the field revealed a 63-percent higher buck response rate, the highest ever recorded at Code Blue. Platinum Standing Estrous ($40/1.5 oz. bottle) is unlike any other scent because it's collected at the moment a buck attempts to breed. Because of the unique process involved, quantities are limited.

The SCUD in-flight scent dispenser from Fanning 66 Outpost (573-885-1474; is an innovative scent-dispersal system that allows users to create a scent trail without leaving their position. Load up to .25 ounce of any lure or scent into the SCUD, attach it to an old arrow, and fire to create a scent trail up to 100 yards long. The easy-to-use, 100-percent American-made system can be preloaded and stored in a quiver for the right situation; a strong O-ring seal keeps the lure or scent fresh.

The unique Hot Shot scent dispersal system for spray lure attractants from Tink's (800-624-5988; designed to offer longer-range attraction. Unlike traditional aerosols, this eco-friendly bag-in-a-can system features an internal bag that separates the lure from the pressurizing agent (compressed air) to prevent contamination. So, only 100-percent pure lure is dispensed. The silent spray tip won't spook game and provides consistent spray without “spitting,” even upside-down. It emits a super-fine mist that drifts wider and farther for extreme scent dispersal and coverage. Choose from Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut, Tink's #1 Doe-P, Trophy Buck, Glazed Donuts (for bear), Power Moose, Predator Mist, and Sweet Weed, a food attractant for deer.

When whitetails aren't helping you sell attractant scents, they’re helping you move odor-eliminating products. A fine example is the recently re-introduced Trinity Blast Spray from Robinson Outdoors/ScentBlocker (800-397-1927; Blast, available in 12- and 32-ounce bottles, combines four essential processes for human scent control. It's designed to prevent odors from forming, neutralize any human odor it contacts, and oxidize tougher odors using the power of nano-sized titanium dioxide—all while using the same Trinity synthetic polymer particles found in ScentBlocker apparel, to adsorb everything else. From boots and gloves, to the outer layer of clothing and gear, Trinity Blast is like having an activated scent control/scent elimination suit in a bottle.

Scent Killer Gold Spray from Wildlife Research Center (800-873-5873; makes use of Hunt Dry Technology to offer maximum performance after it dries, so your customers don't have to hunt with wet clothing. The specialized blend of advanced odor fighting ingredients is designed to attack a wide range of odors and at the same time, helps prevent new odors from forming. The formula, which works both wet and dry, has been found over 99 percent effective at stopping replicated human odor, in testing at Rutgers University, a full 10 days after drying.

Human Scent Eliminator Field Spray & Activator from Lethal (800-841-3904; was designed by chemists to contain the latest in human scent elimination technology. Lethal Field Spray & Activator has a separate concentrated activator that charges the product with odor-eliminating bonding agents to produce a permanent binding effect not always found in other scent eliminators. Because your customers activate this product on their own (lasts 90 days after activation), they know they are getting the freshest product possible. Choose from 24-ounce Trigger Spray ($14) or 1.3 Gallon Pump-up Sprayer ($52).  

More unique scent-eliminating technology is the HR-200 Ozone Generator from Ozonics (979-285-2400; uses sophisticated GameChanger Technology to electronically change oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3)—and project them downwind with a quiet fan. It blankets your scent zone with scent-destroying ozone. The heavier ozone molecules bond to your scent molecules, rendering them indistinguishable from ozone to a deer's nose. Mount Ozonics above you in a tree or to the support rod in your blind, angled downward and facing downwind. New for 2014, the HR-200 ozone generator comes in Mossy Oak Treestand, and Lost Camo to help your customers blend even better. Operates using included lithium-ion battery (charger included) that lasts up to five hours. Tree mount/blind mount is included.

Game Cameras & Mounts

Most whitetail bowhunters want their game cameras to be compact and affordable, and packed with premium features. A tall order, but Stealth Cam (877-269-8490; seems to have the solution in its new P18 Scouting Camera combo ($140). The P18 is a 7.0 Megapixel compact (4.25×5 inches) scouting camera, with impressive 60-foot range and Energy Efficient design. You'll also find a Burst Rapid-Fire Mode and Quick Set for fast and simple set up. This no-hassle unit comes fully equipped with a 4GB (class 10) SD card, and 8 AA batteries—it's ready for the field with no additional purchases necessary. The Burst Mode feature delivers 1-6 images per triggering, while the mini USB output offers quick downloading capabilities in the field. The tree bark camo housing helps this unit disappear in the woods, and programming is easier than ever before with the Quick Set dial that has three Preset modes, along with manual set-up mode.

The smart new M-1100i mini camera from Moultrie (800-653-3334; "invisible" No-Glow illumination, a 2-inch color preview screen, and an ultra-high-end image processor that delivers full 1080p HD video with sound for seasons to come. The combination of the M-1100i cam's half-second trigger speed, 80-foot night range, and 12-megapixel resolution is designed to capture incredibly detailed photos and videos. The 8 AA batteries last through 10,000 images. Plus, Moultrie's "Managed Memory" feature can delete old images to make room for new when the SD card is full.

Do you have customers who'd like to take their game camera surveillance to the next level? The Multi-Cam System (MCS) from Cahaba River Camera Solutions (888-81-CAMERA; up to 16 remote cameras and can provide Internet connectivity over large geographical areas. Wildlife management organizations, outfitters, and serious hunters can have their own wide-coverage wireless multicamera network with secure access to recorded or live, real-time full screen video and audio. The system offers convenient one-screen viewing of up to 16 cameras simultaneously with no PC or DVR required. It includes iPhone, iPad, and Android viewing apps. Its Axis P-33 Series HD TV cameras are designed to deliver unmatched video quality.

The UltraFire XR6 and UltraFire WR6 ($600 each) from Reconyx ( are designed to deliver standout game cam performance. With no moving parts and promising hushed in-the-field performance, the UltraFire XR6 offers 1080P HD video at 30 frames per second, including 24-bit digitally enhanced audio with wind noise reduction.  Other notable features include 3.4-, 5-, and 8-megapixel image resolution settings and a pair of camera lenses—one specifically designed to produce impeccable daytime images and one to produce clear, blur-free infrared photographs. The WR6 boasts most every feature of the XR6, but takes color photos both day and night. In addition, this handy game camera is said to boast less than one-second trigger speed, has a 2.4-inch color TFT with image display, and stamps photos with date, time, temp, and moon phase.

Sometimes the smallest, simplest products can play the biggest role in customers seeing more whitetail success. A case in point is the The Wedge Trail Cam Leveler ($8/4 units) from Extreme Hunting Solutions (800-347-0511; The Wedge is a scent-free, polycarbonate, wedge-shaped device that levels a trail camera mounted to an angled tree. The unique, stackable design even accommodates severe angles on crooked trees—allowing you to level trail cams from the top, bottom, or either side. The simple, patented design works with all brands and models. In addition, private labeling is available on The Wedge mold for camera manufacturers, major retailers, or conservation groups.

Mounting action cams and other accessories to bows is easier than ever with the new Operator universal mounting system from Tactical Archery Systems (877-686-7226; system builds off the success of the company's Delta Rail stabilizer; this solid piece of machined aluminum, mounted between the riser and stabilizer, allows archers to add accessory rails for cameras, lights, lasers, and other accessories and still use their desired stabilizer. The Operator (just 2.5 ounces) and Delta Rail meet military standards and provide true zero when accessories are detached and reattached, reducing the need for recalibrating accessories.