Rests & Stabilizers

Hand-tuned in the USA, the new K3 Stabilizer by .30-06 Outdoors (614-409-9300; is offered in 5-, 8-, and 11-inch models. The precision all-machined-aluminum design offers extreme vibration dampening with full-draw counterbalancing. It's available in the six original accent colors along with three brand-new additions: purple, chrome, and white.

Made in the USA and backed with a Two Year Guarantee, the new Mathews Edition X-Factor Xtreme Stabilizer from X-Factor Outdoors ( designed to offer the ideal combination of design, function, and looks. Not just another "pretty" stabilizer, X-Factor has combined its proven sound and shock-blocking design (patented shock block technology) with a Mathews Light or Heavy Harmonic Stabilizer for unmatched performance. Available in two lengths: The 6-inch Light (8 ounces) and 6-inch Heavy (10 ounces), and 8-inch Light (10 ounces) and 8-inch Heavy (12 ounces). Colors include Lost and Lost AT camo, Carbon, Black or Red.

Success on whitetails or any animal depends on shooting accurately under pressure. Help your customers become more accurate at the moment of truth with the unique Steady Form torque eliminator ($100 in black) from Steady Form Outdoors (888-859-5815; Endorsed by legendary whitetail hunter Myles Keller, the lightweight aluminum Steady Form system simply mounts to a bow riser or string stopper rod; Steady Form is designed to fit all bows and adjusts to fit right- or left-handed shooters to help improve comfort, stance, form, and accuracy. The system comes complete with a custom mounting bracket featuring seven points of custom adjustments, fastener, ultra-lite rod, and two Allen wrenches. The Steady Form is also available in camo ($120) and Youth models ($90).

Jim Fletcher Archery's (760-379-2589; all-aluminum TruPeep has been trusted by whitetail addicts for years, and now with the addition of the new 7/8-inch aperture, the line is only stronger. A safety-tie groove keeps peeps in place and hunters can choose from eight additional sixes like Micro 1/32, Small 3/64, Large 1/16, Mini Hunter 3/32, Hunter 1/8, Super Hunter 3/16, Mega Hunter 7/32 and Max Hunter ¼.

Help your customers give their rigs a true custom touch by stocking the latest rests from Quality Archery Designs (434-846-5839; QAD has partnered with the world's leading bow manufacturers to create custom-designed rests that will make your customers' bows stand out and deliver optimum performance. Each bow-specific rest design cuts out unnecessary weight, parts, and adjustments—allowing for faster tuning and optimal performance in the field. Each rest uniquely sports the manufacturer’s look and logo—as well as the features of QAD's popular Ultrarest HDX, one of the leading drop-away designs on the market.

Broadheads & Blades

Your whitetail customers are always on the lookout for a new broadhead design offering real advantages. The new Ruthless ZR-One broadhead from Ruthless/Camo FX (888-226-6241; in 85-, 100-, and 125-grain weights, all with a 11⁄8-inch cutting diameter. A machined, threaded locking nut ensures the blades spin true. Blades are designed to stay in place—even off your arrow shaft. This American-made head incorporates a proprietary 3-blade, true cut-on-contact design and high-strength center ferrule; components are machined, not molded, for a far more concentric head. DenseMax .036 blades are 50-percent tougher than 420 stainless steel.

Savvy bowhunters know that quality-built pruners are an essential tool. Whether you’re clearing brush for trail cams or shooting lanes, EZ Kut Pruners from EZ Kut Products a smart answer; this trusted design has been around more than 20 years and is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. The unique design offers serious leverage, a wrap-around knuckle protector, ergonomic handle, and three-stage ratcheting action for increased power. The SK5 carbon hardened steel blade cuts through the hardest of woods with ease, and with the replaceable blade kit you’ll never be out of commission when you need it most.

Hunting saw specialist Hooyman ( designed a neat new Ratchet Pruner that features a built-in, detachable pocket saw. The simple push of a button detaches the in-handle saw from the pruner, providing a handy hand saw. This multipurpose trimming tool is ideal for cutting shooting lanes and brushing-in blinds; it features many of the same premium components as the popular Hooyman Saws, including a high carbon steel saw blade in the pocket saw. The Ratchet Pruner is constructed of ultra-strong aluminum (not plastic), features a hardened, razor sharp pruner blade, and offers pocket-sized convenience.

Help customers process their venison faster and more efficiently with help from the Baracuta Bone Saw ($65) by Havalon Knives (888-836-3204; unique saw blade ($19/3 pack) easily snaps onto all Baracuta handles to create folding-handle saws capable of any size job. Baracuta Bone Saws are tough enough to tackle large tasks, such as cutting through an elk’s sternum or pelvic bone, but nimble enough to get into small, hard-to-reach areas, too. As with the rest of the Havalon line, when the saw blade dulls, just snap on a new one and go.