Remington’s 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader has been out for several months but made its first SHOT Show appearance in 2015. Built on the familiar and legendary 700 action, it uses a closed breech system that offers clean, hot ignition. The proprietary ignition system is built around a .308 casing.

Utilizing a piece of brass with a 9 ½ rifle primer that you push through the breech plug, the system creates a gas seal that virtually eliminates blowback.

The end result is speed (up to 2400 fps with the right load and 200 grains of powder) and one of the easiest-to-clean muzzleloaders you’ll ever shoot. Each 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader comes with a hard case, 24 saboted projectiles and 24 primed cases.

A handy floorplate holds three extra cases, and fans of the 700 will appreciate the X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger. MSRP on the 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader is $1,295.