The countdown is over. The wait has passed. It’s time for “BOWTECH Nation” to jump headfirst into a new era of revolutionary bow design. The new for 2015 Prodigy, Boss and Fanatic are going to create quite a buzz, thanks in large part to BOWTECH’S revolutionary new PowerShift Technology.

What sets these bows apart is that now the shooter can adjust how the bow draws without using a bow press or taking it to a pro shop.

“This is the first time we’ve come out with a series of bow designs that we are actually asking the shooter to engage with and do some of the set up themselves,” said BOWTECH’s Jason Arnold. “Our PowerShift Technology is amazing, and the PowerDisc3, which is under the PowerShift umbrella, allows shooters the ability to choose and switch between three different draw-force curve options.”

The gold PowerDisc3 is numbered with three holes that represent a different draw-force curve. The 1st setting, dubbed “Performance,” was engineered for those who prefer raw power and speed. The draw cycle is a bit rigid and firm, but nothing that will pop a hernia when you draw it back. In fact, I found it to be surprisingly smooth for the 343 feet-per-second speed it produces.

The next setting is called “Classic” it’s the setting most Midwestern whitetail goers will prefer. The setting provides plenty of speed and power, but the draw cycle is noticeably smoother and the transition into letoff isn’t as abrupt. Perfect for treestand and ground blind hunting.

Those who hunt in frigid temperatures or simply prefer an ultra-smooth draw will want to slide the PowerDisc3 to the “Comfort” setting. This setting promises a draw cycle so smooth you simply have to experience it to believe it. In fact, BOWTECH is calling the Prodigy, when set at the Comfort setting, their smoothest-drawing bow to date. Best of all, switching from setting to setting doesn’t require a bow press, and it takes only a few seconds to adjust the PowerDisc3 on both the top and bottom cam. All you need is an Allen wrench.

“We wanted a bow that would fit our ‘Any Shooter. Every Season.' When it’s time to choose just one bow, get all the bows you want’ tagline,” said BOWTECH’s Director of Marketing Jeff Suiter. “We’ve done that with PowerShift Technology. This technology is something you will see grow and expand over the years. We will unveil many new technologies in the coming years that will fit nicely under the PowerShift Technology umbrella.”

BOWTECH’s new-for-2015 Prodigy was designed to “shift” a shooter’s thinking. With the 4.4-pound, 32-inch axle-to-axle Prodigy, shooters get three different bows (via the three different draw-force curves) with the simple shift of the PowerDisc3. What impressed me the most about this bow was that BOWTECH was able to develop this radical technology and still give the Prodigy a forgiving 7-inch brace height. In addition, regardless of the PowerDisc3 setting, this bow is whisper quiet and deadly accurate, and it produces zero string oscillation or hand vibration.

“We learned our lesson of unleashing too many new technologies when we launched our Destroyer,” Suiter explained. “As awesome as this new technology is, we have plans to do all sorts of things with PowerShift Technology in the coming years.”

“We feel shooters are going to be so impressed with the different draw-force curves and the minute loss of 16 fps between the Performance setting and the Comfort setting on the Prodigy they will truly see this as a do-all bow,” Arnold added. “They are really getting three bows in one.”

Long-draw archers will likely flock to BOWTECH’s new Boss. Measuring 36-inches axle to axle, this 4.6-pound rig sports a draw-length range from 26.5 inches all the way out to 32 inches. Of course, it’s fitted with PowerShift Technology and other standout BOWTECH features like the FLX-Guard, OverDrive Binary Cams and Center Pivot Extreme Riser.

“We wanted some separation between the Prodigy and the Boss,” noted Arnold. “The riser is much different on the Boss. The cutout pattern of the riser is very diverse from the Prodigy, especially the two larger cutouts on the top and bottom of the Boss’ riser. This bow provides an amazingly stable shooting platform.”

The 7.75-inch brace height BOWTECH Fanatic showcases several advancements in riser design engineered to reduce – if not all but eliminate – torque and flex. With an IBO/ATA speed rating of 325 fps, the Fanatic boasts a shoot-through riser which places the grip in line with the pivot point of the limb and string aligned in the center of the riser.

Bowhunting World editor Jace Bauserman takes an exclusive look at BOWTECH’s new flagship offering for 2015. Watch exclusive coverage of the all-new BOWTECH Prodigy with PowerShift.

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