Fall will be here sooner than we know, and August’s Bowhunting World buckles down on getting our gear—and ourselves—back into action.

For the serious bowhunter, July and August are the months we get our bow and arrows back on target and scout for racked deer, says Bill Vaznis in Secrets Of The Masters. Expert hunters and equipment gurus Jim Mourey of New York, Ed Fisher of Massachusetts, and Carbon Express VP Lennie Rezmer share their essentials in bow tuning, then their best tips on where to find deer.

What is vomerolfaction? Similar to taste and smell, it’s often called the deer’s sixth sense, and it’s used exclusively to analyze other deer’s urine. What important roles does it play in whitetail communication and reproduction, and how does it affect hunting? Whitetail biologist Brian Murphy explores the implications in Whitetail Science.

If you’re considering Going Outfitted For Archery Elk, realize that elk are not just really big deer, says veteran outfitter Kathy Butt. You’ll be stalking through dark timber, climbing up and down mountainous terrain. This requires tough equipment and broken-in hunting boots, among other things. Butt supplies advice and lists to help you set up expectations along with your equipment to up your odds.

The reason many hang their bow on the rack permanently is that they have nowhere to hunt. It doesn’t help that many states have discontinued programs that pair hunters with farmers to help control deer predation on crops. It’s not because of budget cuts, it’s because of minimal landowner interest—a disinterest with serious ramifications. Bob Robb sounds a wake-up call in Back Country.

Modern bowsights have often-overlooked features and adjustments that can enhance precision, pin visibility, and/or versatility, says Brad Strandlund in Bow Mechanic. He covers pins, lighting, housings, adjustments, and tips for getting started. For example, if you’re a left-handed shooter having trouble finding a left-hand sight, the fact is, many brands are both left- and right-handed, but are packaged to look like right-handed only. You have more options than you realize!

August’s Bow Report covers the Martin Bengal Pro and Prime Centroid LR bows. Richard Combs says that the Bengal Pro offers more-than-adequate speed and high-end features, a quality bow at an affordable price. The Prime Centroid LR is a smooth-shooting bow designed for and delivering enjoyment, virtually dead in the hand and rock-steady at full draw.

There’s something exciting, refreshing about opening day at the deer fields. Whether it’s that clover patch back of a north-country dairy, a sultry southern soybean plantation, or the alfalfa bottoms along some scenic Western river, there are fields in the minds of bowhunters right now, including Editor Mike Strandlund’s as he anticipates deer season in From The Editor.

Anticipation, preparation, and excitement for the fall seasons—they are what August’s Bowhunting World is all about.