A California woman did what she saw fit to protect her family, but many don’t see it that way and have started sending death threats.

The Washington Post reports Julie Faith Strauja obtained a depredation permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife after a 400-pound male black bear invaded her property three consecutive days — entering her home the third day.

Wildlife officials confirmed Strauja had a friend shoot and kill the bear July 31, which the San Bernardino Sun reports is a decision Strauja hasn’t regretted once.

The same, however, cannot be said for many in the Forest Falls community, where Strauja lives amongst about 1,100 others.

“I’ve had death threats and my address posted all over social media,” Strauja told the Sun. Strauja reportedly showed the newspaper a Facebook post that read, “Contact me if you want to legally make their life a living hell,” which included Strauja’s address.

The Los Angeles Times reports some locals are referring to Strauja as a “flatlander” with “no business living on the hill” — a reference to the San Bernardino Mountains.

Strauja went into further details with the Sun, saying her decision was made from fear the bear may harm her children, ages 5, 6 and 9.

“I have three little kids and it was pretty terrifying to come home to a bear in the kitchen,” she told KABC.

Though Strauja said the bear’s death is a tragedy, she never expected the community to respond this way.

“There kind of was a mob mentality,” she told The Times. “People walking by my house yelling ‘bear killer’ and obscenities.”