An extremely rare hybrid between a grizzly and polar bear was shot and killed by Inuit hunters in Nunavut, Canada. reports the crossbreed might be a side effect of global warming.

The bear, which has the body shape of a grizzly but wears the well-known white coat of a polar bear, was killed by 25-year-old Didji Ishalook, reports. The website said Ishalook noticed after shooting the bear that its white fur didn’t match up with its large claws and broad head.

The hybrid is rare, with reporting only three have been reported in northern Canada in the last three years.

TV station CBC reached out to Dave Garshelis, a research scientist from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who confirmed the bear is a “grolar bear.” The newly named bear came after climate change forced brown grizzlies to move further north in white bear’s territory.

“An albino bear would have a light-colored or pink-colored nose, and no pigmentation in the eyes and the claws. This bear has a black nose and normal dark-colored eyes and claws. So, it’s not an albino,” Garshelis told CBC.

Garselis also explained that “grolar” is the official name if the male parent is a grizzly and “pizzly” if papa is a polar bear.

For Ishalook, he has plans for his rare kill.

“I am going to send it out to taxidermist and make it into a rug or wall mount,” he told CBC.