What would you do if you walked out of your backdoor and saw a black bear lying in your kids’ pool? For one Minnesota man, it’s not a hypothetical situation.

The Star Tribune reports Dave Zbaracki initially did a double take then went back inside. The newspaper reports the bear remained unfazed the entire time.

“It was like he was thinking, ‘I’m a bear. What are you going to do?’” Zbaracki told The Star Tribune.

The paper reports this has recently been common in Duluth, Minnesota. Zbaracki said he saw a bear nearby when walking his dog and also one eating his neighbor’s garbage several days before his backyard encounter. The newspaper writes it’s likely the same bear in all three occasions. The latest discovery came after a five-day power outage.

“It’s Duluth. There are woods everywhere,” Zbaracki told The Star Tribune. “It’s not uncommon for Duluthians to have encounters with wildlife. You see deer everywhere in our backyards. Bears aren’t as common, but they are around.”