The Mossberg MVP Predator began life chambered for the .223 Remington, but has now evolved into a version that also shoots the .308 Win. The .223 version is fed from a detachable AR 15 magazine, while the new .308 eats from an AR-10 magazine.

The rifle has a lot going for it. The enhanced trigger on the MVP is the Lightning Bolt Action (LBA), easily recognizable by the thin metal blade with the clever lightning bolt cut-out sticking out from the face of the actual trigger. It blocks the sear so the gun won't fire unless you press it into the face of the actual trigger, and then pull the actual trigger. It's an “active” safety in that you physically have to press the blade to fire the gun, but pressing it is a natural result of resting your finger on the trigger so you really don't even notice it. The rifle also has a conventional safety lever behind the bolt handle much like a Remington Model 700. The trigger is also easily adjustable from 2-7 pounds, and breaks clean and crisp.

The barrel uses a lock nut method of barrel attachment, which is becoming increasingly popular with mass-produced rifles. One advantage to this system downstream — though Mossberg has not hinted of this as of yet — is that lock nuts make changing barrels quick and easy. So, if Mossberg were to offer accessory barrels, the abundance of AR-10 magazines already designed that can reliably feed cartridges from the .308 case head family such as .243 Win., .260 Rem. and 7mm-08, would make an interesting addition to the family.

All things considered, this is a fine rifle offered at a working man's price.

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MVP Predator


.308 Win.


20-inch fluted sporter




Matte Blue


Bolt Action


7.5 lbs.


Gray Laminate Sporter


Varmint-Style Crown, Accepts PMAG Style Magazines, LBA Trigger System, Spiral Fluted Bolt


10 + 1 (Note: AR-10 magazines with 5. 10, 20, and 30 shots will also work)