By now it's no secret Bear Archery's Motive 6 was one of 2013's hottest bows, a speedy, sweet-shooting rig that helped many experience bowhunting success including Bowhunting World Editor Mark Melotik, who used the bow to anchor mature whitetails in both Oklahoma and Kansas last fall. What did Bear do for an encore in 2014?


Bear Agenda 6Agenda 6

Bear Archery has been coming on strong in recent years, and this year continued the upward spiral with no fewer than 10 new offerings for 2014. The new flagship is the Agenda 6, driven by Bear’s H13 hybrid cam system.

The H13, together with Bear’s Max Pre-load Quad Limbs and 6-inch brace height, launches arrows at a blistering 350 fps with 75 percent letoff. The H13 cams employ rotating modules allowing draw length adjustments without a bow press or, for that matter, changing modules. Draw lengths on the Agenda 6 run from 25.5 to 30 inches in half-inch increments.

As this year’s flagship bow, it’s loaded with Bear’s latest technology including adjustable offset top and bottom string suppressors, Bear’s Hinge Guard to reduce torque, rubber inserts integrated into the riser to reduce noise and vibration, and a stainless steel stabilizer bushing. The overmolded grip can be removed to reveal side panels. Axle to axle it’s 32 inches. Mass weight is 3.9 pounds, and available peak draw weights are 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

Finish options include Realtree APG, Shadow Series, Red/Black Series, Green/Black Series, and Realtree APS. Retail price for the Agenda 6 is $900.


Bear VenueShooters who prefer the feel of a single-cam bow should take a close look at the Venue, at the heart of which is Bear’s S13 Cam.

In addition to offering a smooth-drawing 330 fps at 80 percent letoff, the Venue’s S13 Cam provides a full seven inches of draw length range, from 24 to 31 inches, without the need for a press or new modules.

It boasts most of the same new features and technology touted for the previously mentioned bows. It’s 321⁄4inches axle to axle, has a generous 7-inch brace height, comes in peak draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and is available in finish options of Realtree APG, Shadow Series, Red/Black Series, Green/Black Series, and Realtree APS.

Retail price for the Venue: $850.