You can get lost at the SHOT Show. It’s a maze – a labyrinth of aisles overflowing with incredible products. Today, while making my rounds, I ran across an old friend. My friend’s name: Adventure Medical Kits SOL Escape.

Yep, a few years ago while bowhunting for elk in Colorado’s backcountry my friends and I encountered a horrible storm. In a matter of minutes the temperature dropped from a comfortable 45 degrees into the low teens. The wind howled and ice pellets hammered down from the sky. It was horrible. Aside from a few trees, we had no shelter. Luckily, each of us had the SOL Escape Bivvy in our packs. We pulled out the 70-percent heat reflective units and bedded down.

Breathable, windproof and totally water-resistant, the three of us huddled in our 31”x84” bivvy shelters for nearly five hours. The full hood and draw-cord closure kept the howling wind out, and the fully formed footbox kept our feet toasty.

When it was over, we hung our Escape’s out to dry. The 60g s/m non-woven, spun-bonded olefin with vapor-deposited aluminum coating dried quickly. In a matter of minutes, after rolling up and stuffing the 8.5-ounce bivvy’s back in their sacks, we were back on the elk trail.

I’m convinced that without these units we would have been in a life-threatening situation. We were miles from camp and the storm was just too brutal. And that’s my goal on this second-to-last-day of SHOT. I want to seek out those must-have backcountry products I use and let you all know about them. After all, our early-season fall adventures aren’t too far away.

The SOL Escape Bivvy boasts a $50 price tag, and you can find out more by visiting