One of the leaders in scent control technology for archery hunters, Scent-Lok has updated its official logo to reflect the science behind its products and to help make the company’s innovation more appealing to a wider market.

Gone is the trophy antlered deer skull mount, which is now replaced with an interlocked “S” and “L” that forms a hexagon, similar to the shape drawn by chemists to link elements.

“We wanted to build a logo that showed the science we put into our Carbon Alloy technology,” said Scent-Lok’s Alex Gyllstrom. “The logo is a hexagon that also corresponds to carbon, which is the 6th element on the periodic table.”

Scent-Lok uses a proprietary treated carbon that it says adsorbs 300 percent more odor than activated carbon. The company’s scent-control clothing is also simple to reactivate by running the garments through a dryer.

Gyllstrom also explained that the new logo will help the company expand its technology into markets beyond hunting.