Recent trends in camouflage development have centered around trying to find patterns that are appropriate for a wide range of environments. While no pattern is ever truly “universal,” most hunting gear makers are focusing on creating products that are good for hunting elk in Montana and whitetail deer in Virginia, for example.

One company that’s breaking that “universal” mode is Element Outdoors. The Florida-based company has just launched a line of camouflage apparel that’s patterned specifically for certain hunting environments and applications.

With six digital hunting patterns — including Frigid, Stalker and Ridgeline — and two mimicry patterns — including Deserted, Marsh and Cascade — Element Outdoors can keep a hunter out of sight no matter the climate.

“We’re a new company and we heard from hunters that they wanted better camouflage patterns,” says Element Outdoors’ Angie Nallick. “So we figured if there’s a need out there, why not fill it?”

The company got its start printing graphics on items like trucks and guns, but they’ve since taken that technical knowhow and applied it to a wide line of hunting apparel. Element also recently signed on world-famous tough guy Steve Austin to help promote the hunting line.