He’s fun. He’s flamboyant. He’s absolutely lethal with a bow in his hand. Yep, that pretty much sums up Elite Archery’s Anthony Dixon in a nutshell.

Dixon, a former professional skier, knew no other way than “full-bore” when it came to jumping into the world of bowhunting. The addiction was instant, and Dixon began spending countless hours chasing high-country mule deer in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

“We figured as long as we were hunting and killing big mule deer with our bows, we would start filming our hunts,” Dixon said. “Our videos were fun, creative and entertaining, and that’s when I founded Full Moon Productions.”

Not one to make excuses and willing to push the limits, Dixon began to step outside the norm of what many dub “proper bow range.” His videos showcased he and his bowhunting comrades launching arrows at big mule deer bucks at 80 yards and beyond. The cool thing, they were hitting what they were aiming at.

Some instantly screamed “foul” and looked to banish Dixon. Others, however, were entertained and inspired.

“I love bowhunting,” said Dixon. “I love helping people come to love bowhunting, and I want to educate them. The equipment will do the work. Shooting long distances and dropping the hammer on animals is totally possible. What’s the difference if I shoot a buck perfectly at 20 yards or at 80 yards? As long as I make a lethal shot, there is no difference. The difference is that becoming a long range assassin takes work. It takes dedication. It takes discipline. It takes learning to control and harness that adrenaline high, and for me, controlling that high is what makes bowhunting so special."

Today, Dixon is still on his game and is a member of Elite Archery’s Pro Staff. A natural born killer, Dixon is thrilled to be with one of the fastest growing bow manufacturers in the business. “I love these guys!” Dixon exclaimed. “They do so much for me and it’s just great to be part of such a great team. There bows are incredible, and are just so incredibly accurate.”

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