muzzy gar bow fishingMark Land of Muzzy poses with his 7 foot, 6-inch alligator gar that weighed an impressive 230 pounds—Land’s personal best and the largest of several outsized gar taken on the same summer trip.

To subdue the beast, Land—who was hunting with Jack Thatcher of Extreme Bowfishing—used a 54-pound Hoyt Gamemaster recurve, as well as a Muzzy XD spincast reel, 150-pound Muzzy Tournament line, and Muzzy’s new 1220-C carbon bowfishing arrow.

“It took three shots and about 15 minutes to get the fish to the boat, and another 10 minutes or so to figure out how to get it in the boat,” Land said.

In addition to the whopper, Land also bow-bagged a 74-incher, and buddy Joey Menegatti took a 63-incher, and lost another huge fish that got “hung in the trees.”

Look for all the exciting action in an upcoming episode of Muzzy’s Bad to the Bone TV show.

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