ScoutLook Hunting;

Upgraded from its original version, ScoutLook Hunting is a free map-based app that offers bowhunters up-to-the-minute global weather forecasts and location-management tools. In addition to important weather info like wind direction and barometric pressure, the location-management system allows you to store stand, blind and camera sites from all your most used big-game dirt.

UNO Archery App;

Designed to give you the ability to sight-in your bow in less than 20 minutes, this handy app is easy and simple to use. All you need to do is sight-in your bow at 20 yards, and the technology provided by the app delivers tailored-to-your-setup pin gaps out to 80 yards (the app walks you through the process). All you have to do is take your actual sight, match it up with the 20-yard crosshair on your smartphone and line up your other pins accordingly.


Want to learn more about the flora in the woods you hunt? Developed by Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian institute, this handy app allows you to snap a photo of a flower, leaf or fruit with your smartphone and find out what you’re looking at. Currently, the LeafSnap database only includes plant species from the Northeast, but the database continues to grow.

NOAA Radar Pro;

If you have your bowhunting doctorate, it’s likely you also have a minor in meteorology. As a whole, bowhunters study weather like a college football coach studies game film. This handy app provides up-to-the-minute weather conditions via a highly visible color-coded radar screen as well as predicted weather patterns.