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Scott Linden Profile PictureScott Linden is widely known as one of the foremost media interpreters of outdoor pursuits. His passion for the subject, experience as an educator, performer and writer combine to make the woods and waters an enjoyable experience for everyone. He is the creator and host of Wingshooting USA television series, a popular seminar presenter, and popular blogger at Scott's new book What the Dogs Taught Me was released in June, 2013.

Wingshooting USA is the most-watched upland bird hunting television show in the world, airing on seven networks and reaching over 280 million homes. He also authors columns for Quail Forever and Ruralite magazines, designs dog care and training gear, consults with apparel and equipment manufacturers on product development, and serves as a technical advisor and stock footage supplier to network TV and feature-film productions.

Scott lives near Bend, Oregon, with wife Karen Bandy, various cats, horses and wild critters, and hunting partners Buddy and Manny, German wirehaired pointers.

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Check back every week, as Scott Linden showcases the best in fly fishing and upland hunting across the country.


VIDEO: Change Training Cues To Avoid Disobedience

Dogs, like people are creatures of habit. Change your training cues to avoid complacency and disobedience in your hunting dog.
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Cabela's Road Trip: Bagging Birds And Free Gear!

The Wingshooting USA TV crew is on the road, and you're invited to join host Scott Linden and his dogs Manny and Buddy along the way.
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Remove Birds From Your Bird Dog’s Retrieving Training

Often bird dogs can become too worked up to train with real birds. Save time and train better without real birds.
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7 Tips Every Bird Hunter Should Know

These tried and true tips for the bird hunter and hunting dog owner will make your sporting life easier.
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Acoustics Can Confuse Your Hunting Dog

These days I'll sometimes turn and call or whistle in the opposite direction from my dog so the original sound, and any echoes, are both coming from the vector I want him to take.
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Body Language Is Louder Than Words To Hunting Dogs

Just think before you act, adjust your pace, temper your volume, experiment with the magnitude of your movements, and your dog will get the message.
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VIDEO: Help Your Hunting Dog Handle Pinned Birds

Scott Linden and Buddy explain the best ways to help your hunting dog handle a pinned bird.
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Make A Checklist For Bird Hunting Success

Lists do help. You don't want to be 200 miles from home on bird hunt and realize you forgot your shotgun.
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Hunting Dogs Have One-Track Minds, And That’s A Good Thing

Humans can think in more than one dimension, plan ahead, reason, debate alternatives, and consider abstract concepts. Dogs, for the most part, string thoughts in a linear pattern.
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Shooting The First Bird First Leads To More Birds

Too often when we try for a double, it means two misses. We often start looking for a second bird before we’ve shot the first.
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