Bow Reports

When it comes to your next bow purchase, more information is always better. Whether you seek one of today’s cutting-edge premium models—or maybe the best bang for your hard-earned bucks, these detailed reports will help you decide. Our Director of Bow Testing, Rick Combs, lets you compare apples to apples by examining arrow speed, force draw curve, peak holding weights and letoff, as well as kinetic energy, quietness (sound output in decibels), general fit and finish, and more.


Bow Report: Mission MXB Dagger

Having just mounted the scope, I fired offhand at a deflated balloon on a very large 20-yard target in preparation to sight-in. To my astonishment, I pinned the balloon to the target. Assuming it was a lucky shot, I fired another bolt with the same result.
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Bow Report: TenPoint Stealth SS

TenPoint’s reputation has been built on top-quality, no-compromise crossbows with some truly innovative, cutting-edge features, some of which are found on every TenPoint model in production.
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Bow Report: Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30

The Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 features a carbon riser, unlike the previous Hoyt Spyder series, which did not. And though it somewhat resembles Hoyt’s carbon bows such as the Carbon Element G3, the fact is, the riser itself differs in design.
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Bow Report: Prime Alloy

Nothing radical about the Alloy—Prime’s Parallel cams are innovative, but the design is too obviously sensible to be considered radical.
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Bow Report: Mathews Monster Chill R

For 2014 Mathews has introduced the Chill R. At a glance, it’s a little longer than its predecessor at 33 inches axle-to-axle compared to 30.5 inches, and the limbs appear to have a slightly sharper angle of take-off from the riser.
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Bow Report: Bear Agenda 6

At the heart of the Agenda 6 is Bear’s now-familiar hybrid system, the H13. It is a hallmark of Bear’s cams that they allow draw lengths to be adjusted without use of a press and, in most (though not all) cases, without changing modules.
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Bow Report: PSE DNA SP

PSE has tweaked the aggressive Core Hybrid Cams on the original DNA to produce the DNA SP (Smooth Pull). The new CS Cam powers the DNA SP and, by shaving 7 fps off the top speed, achieves a significant softening of the shot cycle.
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