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Wood N’ Stream Boots Feature Platinum Odor Control

Jerry Hess, vice president of business development with Wood N’ Stream boots, explains the benefits of an odor-control technology by 3M.
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VIDEO: Diamondhead Makes Noise In .308 Market

A key player in the AR firearms platform, Diamondhead USA is poised to make 2015 a standout year with innovative new accessories, some designed specifically for a .308.
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VIDEO: Major League Bowhunters Talk Hits, Misses, And More

Jeff Danker, Matt Duff, and Chipper Jones will tell you they aren't professional hunters. We say, they're stand up guys.
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VIDEO: Federal Premium's 3rd Degree Is A Turkey Killer

Federal Premium's new '3rd Degree' uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload to deliver lethal patterns at any range.
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VIDEO: Wayne Carlton On Wolves And Calls

Wayne Carlton can call just about anything with a diaphragm call. But, he can't keep wolves from destroying elk herds and he's not to pleased with that.
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New Mossberg Guns For 2015: The Big 5

Mossberg has a pile of new rifles and shotguns for 2015, but the ones you'll be really excited about are what the company is calling The Big 5.
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VIDEO: Let's Make Wild Game Bratwurst And Salami

The good folks at Hi Mountain Seasonings have been helping hunters make wild game tasty for many years, and now they’re offering a new line of seasonings aimed at making salami and bratwurst.
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VIDEO: Winchester's Long Beard Turkey Ammo Goes Magnum

Winchester’s Long Beard XR turkey ammo was a big success in 2014 and 2015 looks to have big things in store as well.
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VIDEO: The Right Now Range Is Ideal For Easy Target Practice

The Right Now Range is perfect for the shooter who’s looking for affordable, reusable, and a fun target shooting environment.
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VIDEO: First Look At Winchester's Deer Season XP

Winchester’s New Deer Season XP is designed for maximum energy transfer, and its huge polymer tip expands on impact creating significant knockdown force.
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