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Gun Purchases Soar On Black Friday Too

Black Friday isn't just when shoppers rush to stores for holiday sales. It's also one of the busiest days of the year for gun purchases.
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Tactical Fire Control Updates Near Full Auto Trigger

Precision shooters and AK lovers can now get more out of their shooting with the "241" and "Raptor" triggers.
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VIDEO: Mathews First-Ever No Cam ST Technology

The No Cam ST Technology eliminates camming action on both the top and bottom string tracks, creating a perfectly synchronized system that delivers straight and level nock travel.
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Illinois Hunters Donate Deer For Needy Families

Some Illinois hunters are helping needy families by donating at least part of their deer harvest
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Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Back After 30 Years

With the state's wild turkey population swelling to the healthy level of more than 20,000, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources decided to allow the hunt again for the first since it was ceased in 1984.
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Wheelchair Makes Hunting Accessible

“This is something that will make a disabled hunter's dreams come true. They won't ever be told them can't go where they want again.”
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21 States Push To Overturn Maryland Gun Law

Twenty-one states seek to overturn Maryland's tough gun-control law, contending that its provisions banning 45 assault weapons and limiting gun magazines to 10 rounds violate the Second Amendment right to keep firearms at home for self-protection.
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Busbices Stars Of New A&E Reality Show

Meet the Busbices, stars of A&E's new series “Country Buck$.” As son Matt Busbice, 32, is quick to point out, this is no “Duck Dynasty.”
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Rebounding Bobcats Showing Up In Central Indiana

Sightings of one of Indiana's most secretive inhabitants are on the rise as the largely nocturnal animals venture south from a northeastern Indiana stronghold into areas with favorable habitat
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Outfitter Who Maimed Prey For Clients Sentenced

Authorities say he and his assistants would locate cats prior to a client's arrival and then “shorten up” the hunt by caging the animals, then releasing them when the client was present.
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