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VIDEO: That's One Huge Catfish...Seriously

Dino Ferrari could feed a lot people with his nearly 300-pound catfish.
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Fearing Lawsuit, Philly-Area Town Latest To Repeal Gun Laws

East Norriton supervisors voted to repeal laws allowing hunting in the township and regulating firearms in parks and other recreation areas.
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Kansas Moving Toward Allowing Concealed Guns Without Permit

Kansas is moving toward removing what some gun-rights advocates see as its last major restriction on firearms, with the state Senate debating a bill to end a requirement for permits to carry concealed weapons.
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Coyotes' Encroachment, This Time Airport Runways

Geese, ducks and other birds are usually the problem. But, recently it was wildlife of another sort. It took an hour before crews chased down a coyote that was wandering across the runways and killed it.
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TrackingPoint Lays Off 45 In 'Restructuring'

Despite claims of over 280 percent increase in sales, company says job cuts will 'ensure and accelerate future growth.'
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Scientists Collar, Track Coyotes In Georgia, Alabama, SC

The survey focuses on animals taken by professional trappers in several counties near Augusta; on tracts across the Savannah River in South Carolina; and from the coastal plains south of Auburn, Alabama.
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Family Of Boy Mauled By Bear Settles State Lawsuit

Samuel Ives was mauled by a black bear during a 2007 Father's Day camping trip in American Fork Canyon. The family said authorities failed to warn people about the bear after it attacked other campers.
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High Court Weighs Right Of Convicted Felon To Sell Guns

The Supreme Court is considering a tricky dilemma faced by people who legally own guns, but are then convicted of a serious crime and have to get rid of them.
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Carbon Express Gives Women Crossbow Goers Something Special

Sporting a racy, compact design (12 ½ inches axle to axle cocked; 16 ¼ inches axle to axle uncocked), the 3.4 Hot Pursuit was designed to provide superior handling and overall performance.
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Foundation Gives West Virgina $50K Grant For Elk Restoration

The DNR hopes to bring elk from neighboring Kentucky to restore the state's herd. West Virginia's last native elk was killed around 1875.
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