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Quality Archery Designs And PSE Create Racy New Rest

PSE fanatics can now fit their rigs with a custom QAD rest designed specifically for PSE bows.
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More Land, Legal Changes Boost Bow Hunting

A mix of premium access to hunting land, legal changes and popular culture is fueling a bow hunting boom.
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VIDEO: Benchmade Knives, A Great Tool For Hunters

A quality, reliable and sharp knife should always be in a hunter's pack. Here's a rundown of some of the finest hunting blades from Benchmade Knives.
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Ruger Earns Recognition as 'Manufacturer of the Year'

Industry trade group taps New Hampshire-based company for the eighth year in a row.
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Court: Maine Agency Can Campaign Against Bear Vote

A Portland judge says the state's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife can use its resources to campaign against a statewide referendum to ban certain bear-hunting tactics.
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VIDEO: Bear Cub Strolls Through Oregon Drug Store

Some shoppers at an Oregon drug store got a surprise when they saw a bear cub scurrying down the aisles.
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11-Year-Old Michigan Boy Shoots Albino Buck; Antis Freak Out

An 11-year-old Michigan hunter killed a 12-point albino buck with a crossbow last week. He's thrilled, but not everyone thinks shooting an albino is a good idea.
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Upper Midwest Wolf Population Rises Despite Hunts

The gray wolf population has increased slightly in the Western Great Lakes District, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, even as two of the three states have begun allowing wolf hunts.
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Missouri Officials, Hunters Seeing Fewer Deer

Missouri wildlife officials are considering more restrictions in whitetail deer hunting to reverse a continuing decline in the deer population, caused mostly by an outbreak of hemorrhagic disease and liberal hunting regulations.
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Lead Exposure At Nation's Gun Ranges Poses 'A Serious Problem'

A hidden risk lies within almost all of America's estimated 10,000 gun ranges: firing lead-based ammunition spreads vapor and dust filled with lead, an insidious toxin.
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