Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events.


VIDEO: Bear Archery Products 'Quick And Quiet'

Bear Archery Products new bows for 2015 are "quick and quiet." The Arena 30 offers a rock solid platform and compact design. The new limb stops continue Bear's tradition of excellent innovations.
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Mathews On The Brink Of 2015 Launch

On the brink of Mathews’ 2015 bow launch, there’s plenty of speculation that Mathews has something truly special up its sleeve.
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VIDEO: Wildebeest Migration

Watch this time lapse video of the "Great Migration" and you'll have some understanding of just how amazing Africa is.
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VIDEO: First Look At The BOWTECH Prodigy With PowerShift

Bowhunting World editor Jace Bauserman takes an exclusive look at BOWTECH’s new flagship offering for 2015.
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What The 2014 Vote Means For Shooters And Hunters

Key races across the country and a host of state ballot initiatives could forecast the shape of sportsmen’s rights in years to come.
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BOWTECH Gives An Exclusive Look At Its Revolutionary New Bow Line

New PowerShift technology puts adjustments in the hands of the average shooter, the new BOWTECH lineup is billed as “three bows in one.”
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VIDEO: Lioness Hunts Prey With A GoPro Strapped To Her Back

This may be the coolest video you'll see all week. Watch as a lioness hunts and kills her prey, from her POV, thanks to a GoPro mounted on her back.
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VIDEO: Lacrosse Hunting Footwear

Lacrosse Footwear makes some of best boots hunters could ever strap on. Learn about their Burly line and discover what new products sportsmen can look forward to.
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Maine Bear Bait Vote Sparks Interest Around US

Bears are hunted in 32 states but Maine has the most permissive rules. It is the only one that allows hunters to use three methods, bait, dogs and traps.
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It's No Longer A Man's Hunting World

It's just not that strange for women to hunt anymore, says 16 year old Christie Wildcat. “The doors are opening a lot more and a lot more women are getting in there and participating in hunting.”
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