Borrowed Acres

Borrowed Acres SignThe Borrowed Acres Project is a DIY land and wildlife management project located on several hundred acres of forest and pasture land in central Alabama. This privately owned property that will serve as a testing ground for modern-day land and wildlife management practices to enhance deer and turkey hunting got its name from the owner, who said that this land is merely borrowed from God. This piece of property, located in foothills of the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains, has not been managed in the past and just began its "makeover" during the summer of 2013. Follow along as Editor Mark Olis brings in expert advice and know-how to show other landowners and hunting lease operators the best tried-and-true methods for growing mature bucks and fostering a healthy wild turkey population. He'll cover everything from habitat enhancement to predator control.

Grand View Outdoors' land management project.

Mark Olis Profile PictureWho Is Mark Olis?

Mark grew up hunting deer and turkey in central and south Alabama. His father introduced him to the outdoors at an early age when they would spend Saturday mornings chasing squirrels and rabbits. Mark's addiction for the natural world grew from there and he now enjoys hunting and fishing year-round. Mark also enjoys sharing the hunting lifestyle with his young son and daughter. When not in the woods, Mark is raising his children in a Christian home with his beautiful wife, Rachel. Whether it's shooting does with his bow and arrow and processing the meat into delicious venison recipes or calling in coyotes in the "off season," he'll bring you the info and coverage in video and story form. You may email Mark at

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VIDEO: Making An Effective Mineral Lick

July 31, 2014
Minerals are an important part of a deer’s diet, especially in the summer months. Think of them as a daily vitamin for your deer herd.
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VIDEO: How To Trap Summer Coyotes On Your Land

July 21, 2014
Invest in predator control to boost your deer numbers by creating effective trap sets to outfox summer coyotes.
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VIDEO: Trapping Summer Coyotes—Trap Preparation

June 3, 2014
Traps don’t come from the store ready to go in the ground. Sure, you can set them as is, but that’s not really the right way. Mark Olis guides you through the steps in this how-to video.
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Summer Predator Trapping

May 1, 2014
With coyotes wreaking havoc on whitetail fawns in the Southeast, Mark Olis is implementing a predator-trapping program on his hunting property this summer.
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Deer Habitat Improvement: Hinge Cutting

April 3, 2014
Hinge cutting is a quick, inexpensive and relatively easy way to improve deer bedding and browsing habitat on your hunting property.
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VIDEO: Planting Chestnut Trees For Deer

April 2, 2014
Bob Wallace from Chestnut Hill Outdoors shows us how to properly plant and care for Chestnut trees.
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Borrowed Acres: Planting native browse for deer

February 12, 2014
Southern Habitats visits Borrowed Acres to help establish high-protein native browse for deer.
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VIDEO: Assembling an Advantage Hunting blind

December 5, 2013
The guys at Borrowed Acres assemble an Advantage Hunting Blind for the property. This particular blind will be an elevated stand for one of food plots.
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VIDEO: What you need to know when hanging treestands

October 16, 2013
Stand location, shooting lanes, equipment, safety and more. Get some great tips on hanging treestands at your hunting property.
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VIDEO: Learn to plant DIY food plots at Borrowed Acres

October 3, 2013
See how three food plots are created at Borrowed Acres. Several Evolved Harvest blends were planted to attract and hold deer throughout the deer season.
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