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Bow Report: Mission MXB Dagger

Having just mounted the scope, I fired offhand at a deflated balloon on a very large 20-yard target in preparation to sight-in. To my astonishment, I pinned the balloon to the target. Assuming it was a lucky shot, I fired another bolt with the same result.
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Bow Report: Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo

The Z5 Cam & 1/2 is touted as producing the same speeds as the earlier Rocket Cam, with an even smoother draw cycle. Anecdotal evidence supports that, as does the draw force curve.
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Keep Your Blades And Broadheads Sharp

For putting a good edge on a broadhead, or for resharpening a knife out in the bush, the most basic option you have is the classic whetstone.
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Bow Report: Darton DS-3800

The “DS” is an acronym for DualSync, a reference to Darton’s hybrid cam system. The original Pro 3800 featured the same basic design, but the name was changed to DS-3800 presumably to highlight that design.
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