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How To Build The Right Kind Of Campfire

July 8, 2014
Building a campfire that doesn’t smoke, lights quickly, and burns a long time is not difficult, if you start with the right ingredients and a little fundamental knowledge.
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Don't Be A Slob Hunter

June 25, 2014
Those empties are no longer plastic and brass. They are an embarrassment to sportsmen.
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Hunting Dog Questions And Answers

June 16, 2014
Scott Linden answers readers' questions on numerous hunting dog topics.
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Good Shoes Go A Long Way Toward Hunting Success

May 27, 2014
Sore feet, even subtle aches and pains, will shorten your day afield, inhibit your shooting, and possibly injure you so badly you won’t want to get back out again the next day.
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You’ll Shoot More Birds If You’re Stealthy

May 19, 2014
Game birds may not be as spooky as whitetails (sharptailed grouse might get close), but they are still very cognizant of predators and the sounds they make.
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When To Feed Your Hunting Dog

May 13, 2014
Just as important as what you feed is when you feed your hunting partner. There are simple mechanical reasons not to feed your dog the morning of a hunt.
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Hunting Dog Questions And Answers

April 8, 2014
Is it easier for a dog to understand two commands "sit" and "stay" or is it easier to teach a single command for sit and stay? Scott Linden has the answer.
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Tips for keeping your legs healthy during long bird hunts

March 15, 2014
It starts with minimizing the strain on thigh and calf muscles by stepping over, not on top of, logs and rocks.
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Gear review: Darn Tough socks

January 17, 2014
Have you ever seen a lifetime guarantee on a sock? Darn Tough offers one. It's doubtful you’ll ever have to take them up on it though.
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