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GEAR REVIEW: Bushnell Wireless Trophy Cam

Bushnell's Wireless Trophy Cam delivers high-resolution images directly to your cell phone or computer, enabling the hunter to limit the disruptions at their favorite honey hole.
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Time To Tune It Up

Advanced Bow Tuning

Get your bow shooting precisely and accurately by tuning it properly.
Here's how to properly tune your hunting bow for maximum efficiency and pinpoint accuracy.
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Breathing Tips For Proper Bow Shooting

Bowhunters can improve their shooting by controlling their breathing before and at the moment of the shot.
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Breaking: Bear Releases New Cruzer Bow Package

Heeding the call for highly-adjustable and technology-rich bows at a reasonable price, Bear Archery brings to market its new-for-2015 Cruzer bow package.
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VIDEO: Spot And Stalk Rams At Dos Plumas Ranch

A trip to hunt Texas hogs begins with an unexpected spot and stalk for rams.
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VIDEO: Watch traditional bowhunter Nick White's whitetail journey

From a strong upbringing developed a passion for bowhunting like no other for Sitka ambassador Nick White. See his story and journey for whitetail with a traditional bow.
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Inside The Outdoors with Angie Watkins-16

Colorado voters toss out two politicians who helped pass stricter gun control measure, the Miss America stage was graced by a bowhunting, tattooed, Army Sergeant, and Families Afield reaches a new milestone.
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Advice for planning a caribou bowhunt in Alaska

Considering Alaska caribou? Here are few guidelines for setting up your next adventure.
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VIDEO: Bowhunting the menacing cape buffalo

Bob Robb arrows a menacing South African cape buffalo — a beast better known among hunters as "Black Death" and "Widowmaker."
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Having success on the first day of deer season

Sometimes it takes more skill and woodsmanship to take a buck early in the season than in November when lovesick bucks seem to stumble into almost anybody’s bow range.
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