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Enhance Your Property With Moultrie Food Plot Spreaders

With key improvements to an already strong line of high-quality, durable food plot spreaders, Moultrie has delivered what every property manager needs – a better solution for preparing food plots.
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Buck Lunch Sugar Beet Seed

Buck Lunch Sugar Beet Seed is the highest-quality commercial-grade seed for growing nutrient-rich food that deer and other wildlife are looking for.
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VIDEO: Preparing A Food Plot—Seeding And Watering

After letting your fertilizer work its magic for just over a month, it's time to sow some seed. You don’t need much in terms of equipment, so this is easy on the wallet.
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ScentBlocker's Guide to Planting Spring Food Plots

Tips, tricks, and ideas for planting food plots from one of the most trusted names in hunting.
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VIDEO: Preparing A Food Plot

Follow Jace Bauserman and friends as they plant and manage food plots, and hopefully, harvest a big buck or two when season arrives.
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VIDEO: Learn to plant DIY food plots at Borrowed Acres

See how three food plots are created at Borrowed Acres. Several Evolved Harvest blends were planted to attract and hold deer throughout the deer season.
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