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Barnett’s New Reverse Draw Crossbow Rig Raises Eyebrows

New from crossbow powerhouse Barnett, the Buck Commander Raptor Reverse is raising plenty of eyebrows.
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Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend

Looking for bigger deer? Bigger herds? Bigger racks? With 20 years of extensive scientific research behind it, Big Tine's Imperial 30-06™ is proven to enhance growth and antler development.
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Late Deer Season Magic

Simple in objective but complex in execution, a bitter-weather late-season whitetail hunt can warm the heart.
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River-Bottom Whitetails

How to slip in and set up on bucks effectively in riparian habitats.
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Deer News: Triplet Fawns, Blood-Trailing Aid And More Bowhunters

Whitetail Journal brings you bits and blurbs from around the whitetail world: Are triplet fawns common, Connecticut reports more successful bowhunters than gun hunters for the first time ever.
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Deer Health: The Link Between Water And Deer Disease

EHD and blue tongue disease in whitetails are transmitted by biting insects that often live near water.
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The basics and benefits of shed hunting

Showing the beginner the ropes of shed hunting is a lot like taking a kid hunting or fishing for the first time. It is important to set them up to be successful and make sure the experience is a positive one.
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VIDEO: Watch traditional bowhunter Nick White's whitetail journey

From a strong upbringing developed a passion for bowhunting like no other for Sitka ambassador Nick White. See his story and journey for whitetail with a traditional bow.
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