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New AR Company And Rifles

Badrock Tactical is a new company to the market, but their rifles are built with top-shelf components — and they look bad, too.
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Rifle Review: Precision Reflex Tactical Operator

Parts maker turned gun maker offers “Combat Ready” MSRs that can take on four-legged predators as readily as they can the two-legged kind.
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Hunting Utah Antelope With A Custom AR-15

Two brothers embark on a Utah Antelope hunt with a custom-built AR-15 designed to reach out and touch a speed goat.
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Semi-Auto Prairie Dog Hunting

Let's head out to south-central Wyoming to shoot the heck out of some prairie dogs with Smith & Wesson's newest AR rifles.
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VIDEO: Hunting alligators on a Florida cattle ranch

Follow along as Mark Olis attempts to call in central Florida Alligators. He's scouting a 25,000 acre cattle ranch with his AR-15 near Melbourne, Fla.
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