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A Hunter's Story With Handwritten Plea, 84-Year-Old Hunter Charms Lawmakers

George Krog served in the military, first in Cuba and then in the Philippines. He made a career out of working with steel, retired, paid his taxes and bought a deer hunting license every year. Now 84, Krog is afraid he won't get a shot at a buck again.
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First Look At The Howa Mini Action Rifle

The mini action on this new Howa rifle cycles just a hair over 6 inches and weighs only 10.2 ounces, 12 percent shorter than short action bolts. This makes the rifle not only quicker and easier to cycle due to the shorter bolt throw, it saves precious ounces, too.
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Ameristep Launches New Carnivore Hunter Blind

Hoping to find a blind that will help you fly under a buck’s olfactory system? Need a ground blind that will keep unwanted elements out? Ameristep’s new Carnivore Hunter blind has you covered.
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Rules? What Rules?

When To Break The Deer-Hunting Rules

Deer-hunting conventional wisdom exists for a reason, but sometimes you have to break the "stay in your stand" rule to make something happen.
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Don’t Get In A Rut

What To Do If The Deer Stop Showing Up? Move!

Not seeing any deer? Maybe you're stuck in a rut.
Ever utter the phrase "the deer just aren't here like they used to be?" Maybe it's true, but maybe you need to move on from the stand locations you've used for too many years.
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Youth Hunting Lags In Midwest Tri-State Area

Despite strong efforts, tri-state-area experts say they see fewer young people starting to hunt and expect overall participation to fall in the years ahead.
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Xtreme Fear

Buck Fever: Will We Ever Get Used To It?

Buck fever hits all hunters when a deer walks into view. But the shakes and adrenaline rush aren't necessarily a bad thing.
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Five Steps To Prepping Your Food Plots

5 Steps To Preparing Food Plots For Deer Hunting

Planting season may be a month or more away, but if you want a bountiful food plot that draws deer and keeps them on your land, it’s time to get to work.
If you want a bountiful food plot that draws deer and keeps them on your land, now is the time to get to work.
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Whitetail Urinalysis

Does Human Urine Scare Deer?

Is human urine a whitetail attractant, or does it terrify deer? Here’s what the research says.
If you pee off your treestand, are you more likely to attract deer or scare them away?
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ScentBlocker's Guide to Planting Spring Food Plots

Tips, tricks, and ideas for planting food plots from one of the most trusted names in hunting.
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