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Make Your Broadheads Razor Sharp With Smith’s Broadhead Sharpener

Smith’s Broadhead Sharpener is a handy in-the-field tool that features pre-set Carbide blades to ensure correct sharpening angle every time, plus a built-in broadhead wrench to assist when replacement is need.
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Wac'Em Archery Products Acquires Wac'Em Broadheads

After all, how many of us have used the phrase ‘whack 'em’ or ‘whack 'em and stack 'em’ over the years? We also know that hunters not only expect the best from themselves, but from the products they use, and Wac'Em broadheads do not disappoint.
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Inside the Outdoors with Angie Watkins-18

Wild hog bratwurst is on the dinner menu. Bowhunters, check out N-A-P’s Killzone broadhead line, and a pet wolf-hybrid escapes its enclosure.
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Slick Trick's Gary Cooper passes away

SLICK TRICK is deeply grieved to announce the passing of Gary Cooper the designer and owner of SLICK TRICK broadheads
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