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VIDEO: Tactical Pumpkin Carving

Team Grand View Outdoors' entry in the company pumpkin carving contest is guaranteed to blow the competition away.
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VIDEO: Trapping Summer Coyotes—Trap Preparation

Traps don’t come from the store ready to go in the ground. Sure, you can set them as is, but that’s not really the right way. Mark Olis guides you through the steps in this how-to video.
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VIDEO: Assembling an Advantage Hunting blind

The guys at Borrowed Acres assemble an Advantage Hunting Blind for the property. This particular blind will be an elevated stand for one of food plots.
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VIDEO: What you need to know when hanging treestands

Stand location, shooting lanes, equipment, safety and more. Get some great tips on hanging treestands at your hunting property.
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VIDEO: Learn to plant DIY food plots at Borrowed Acres

See how three food plots are created at Borrowed Acres. Several Evolved Harvest blends were planted to attract and hold deer throughout the deer season.
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VIDEO: Hunting alligators on a Florida cattle ranch

Follow along as Mark Olis attempts to call in central Florida Alligators. He's scouting a 25,000 acre cattle ranch with his AR-15 near Melbourne, Fla.
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Inside the Outdoors with Angie Watkins-15

This week...girls like guns, hunting gators with Rock River and ATI, archery participation soars, and Smith and Wesson issues a safety alert.
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