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Borrowed Acres: Planting native browse for deer

Southern Habitats visits Borrowed Acres to help establish high-protein native browse for deer.
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Recreation vs. wildlife as Roaring Fork grows

The inherent conflicts between wildlife and a growing, outdoor-oriented population in the Roaring Fork Valley spurred Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials to take one of their toughest stances to date.
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Bears take advantage of shutdown for free meals

Grizzly bears are getting some free meals thanks to the shutdown of the federal government.
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Wild turkey populations gone wild

Once nearly wiped out of existence, turkeys are running wild in Maine.
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VIDEO: Learn to plant DIY food plots at Borrowed Acres

See how three food plots are created at Borrowed Acres. Several Evolved Harvest blends were planted to attract and hold deer throughout the deer season.
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Montana investigating death of more than 100 deer

State wildlife officials are trying to determine why more than 100 whitetail deer have died along the Clark Fork River west of Missoula.
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