Toes der Oven

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Contact: Roger Wilson
Title: Owner
Phone: 317-557-7627
Fax: 317-353-8333


Toes der Oven
PO Box 19411
Indianapolis IN 46219
United States

The Patent Pending Toes Der Oven is a complete warming system that consists of an over-the-boot cover that has an access flap to insert the warming device to keep your feet warm while outdoors. You get all day consistent heat. Heat and air flow is controlled by the access flap. Built-in fabric chimney directs excess heat up the pant leg. 
  Toes Der Oven is all weather with no moving parts. Two warming devices come with each pair of Toes Der Ovens to keep your feet and toes warm for hours on end!  Great for hunting, camping or other outdoor activities!

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