Hebert/Miner Genetic Hackle

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Contact: Dr. Tom Whiting
Title: President
Phone: 970-874-0999
Toll Free: 888-321-0003
Fax: 970-874-7078


Hebert/Miner Genetic Hackle
PO Box 100
Delta CO 81416
United States

Hebert/Miner genetic dry fly hackle is a unique line of roosters and hens possessing an exceptionally beautiful array of natural colors. Several select dyed colors are also available. The Hebert/Miner rooster saddles provide a generally wider dry fly hackle, typically for hook sizes 10 to 14. The H/M hen capes and saddles have very soft, webby feathers, excellent for enticing subsurface flies. Simply the best. See Whiting Farms listing for additional information.

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